Positioning, Tracking and Navigation with RFID Systems

Session Organizers:

Alice Buffi, University of Pisa, Italy
Klaus Witrisal, Graz University of Technology, Austria
Stefan Grebien, Graz University of Technology, Austria

Radio-frequency-identification technology has become ubiquitous in our everyday lives, being used for tracking goods in supply chain management, retail, and hospital operations, or to track customers in amusement parks. Accurate positioning of RFID tags/readers would be a key enabler for a range of new applications spanning the gamut from real-time recommender systems in physical (brick-and-mortar) stores to monitoring equipment during surgeries. However, a number of challenges has been hindering the implementation of accurate positioning techniques to date.  Perhaps most importantly, the radio channel in typical application environments is characterized by rich multipath, leading to a severe degradation of the localization performance.

The special session is focused on new positioning, tracking and navigation solutions based on RFID technology. It concerns topics related to:

  • localization of tags and readers,
  • localization of static or mobile targets,
  • indoor and outdoor localization methods,
  • innovative RFID-based navigation methods,
  • hybrid positioning methods based on data-fusion algorithm,
  • novel tracking algorithms,
  • new positioning algorithms based on machine-learning and artificial intelligence,
  • signal processing for RFID-based positioning,
  • array and MIMO signal processing for RFID positioning,
  • multipath detection, mitigation, and exploitation in indoor localization.