Ultra-Wideband and High-Frequency RFID

Session Organizers:

Davide Dardari, DEI, University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy
Raffaele D’Errico, CEA-LETI, Grenoble, France

To overcome the main limitation of current UHF-based RFID standards, recently RFID solutions employing ultra-wideband (UWB) signals and working at millimeter-wave or THz bands have been proposed, both as stand-alone systems or as add-on in UHF tags (hybrid RFID).

Such technologies are expected to bring several advantages in new applications requiring, for instance, high-localization accuracy, reader/tag miniaturization, and efficient energy transfer.

However, several issues have to be tackled before their adoption such as backscatter channel modeling and antenna design for millimeter-wave/THz bands, chip design, identification and localization algorithms design, use of new materials, etc.

List of topics:

  • Hybrid UHF-UWB RFID
  • Chip design for UWB/mm-wave RFID
  • UWB/mm-wave/THz backscatter channel characterization and modeling
  • Mm-wave identification and sensing
  • THz identification and sensing
  • Antenna design
  • High-accuracy localization
  • Test bed