News from the RFID Industry

Wednesday September 25, Auditorium Leonardo da Vinci, 10:00 – 12:30

The Workshop will be dedicated to Successful Case Studies and Industrial R&D activities, and pilot projects with Academia and Industry partnerships.

Metaline UHF RFID Near-fi eld Reader Antennas,
Zhi Ning Chen, National University of Singapore VP IEEE Council on RFID

From Research to the Industry – How RFID Innovations Mature,
Jukka Voutilainen, VOYANTIC

RAIN RFID Tag coding: be ready for the massive adoption,
Stefano Coluccini, CAEN RFID

Robots for RFID-based automated inventory in retail stores,
Alfredo Salvatore, SENSOR ID

IREAD4.0: the RFID technology for efficient warehouse management in tissue paper industry,
Antonio Congi, SOFIDEL

Increasing Reliability of RFID Systems by applying Electromagnetic Simulation Techniques,
Alberto Di Maria, ANSYS

Sustainable RFID: novel materials and technologies for eco-tags,
Ubaldo Montanari, TENENGA

Evolution of Consumerism – The RAIN Effect,
Debangana Mukherjee, CISC SEMICONDUCTOR